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Emjoi Mission Statement:

  • To make details of life and personal care as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible
  • To add pleasure and beauty to life in everything we do, from the way we look to how we feel
  • To find innovative solutions that streamline the way we do things
  • To harness the latest technologies in the service of enhancing our personal lives

Emjoi is firmly dedicated to making the little details of life and personal care, as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible; to adding pleasure and beauty to life in everything we do, from the way we look to how we feel and the very air we breathe; to finding innovative solutions that streamline the way we do things, and to harnessing the latest technologies in the service of enhancing our personal appearance and the quality of our lives. Products that make you look and feel better - Technology that gets personal These are far more than just catch-phrases and slogans. They reflect the true motivating inspiration behind Emjoi, a dynamic and leading-edge company dedicated to creating innovative high-end personal care products that enhance the lives of people everywhere.

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Main activities

Much of the company's efforts are devoted to finding innovative technologies that can be applied to the benefit of all individuals. As a result, most Emjoi products are based on unique patented technologies and are developed for use with special consideration for the particular user.

Marketing its products worldwide, Emjoi is sensitive to cultural, geographic and economic differences. It knows that to enhance personal life, every product must be developed with deep understanding and respect for every kind of culture and lifestyle.

Since its inception, Emjoi has brought a steady stream of new products to market, which have rapidly captured consumer hearts from the USA to the Far East. Emjoi has a strong market presence in Japan and Australia and is featured in leading department stores, such as Macy's, throughout the USA. With a truly global approach, Emjoi's administrative headquarters are in New York, with its operational facilities in Hong Kong.

Product lines

The basic premise behind Emjoi products is that, on a global scale and across cultures, the pace of life is quickening. Personal grooming is increasingly independent of professional care, simply because people don't have the time. Solutions are required that are as effective and pleasant as professional treatment, while being portable, self-administered, quick and easy. And to be really personal, Emjoi products are designed to cater to very specific users - be they men or women, children or teenagers, Chinese or American.

With this in mind, Emjoi applies its expertise in improving personal appearance, hygiene and simply helping people feel good. Its four main product lines encompass beauty care, oral hygiene, hair removal and wellness products.

The Beauty Care line offers such innovative products as the Stylit an advanced technology hair styler that adds volume and shine to your hair as you comb it. Nail care product based on sapphires and skin treatment products based on photo-aromatherapy. A mechanized lice-removal comb that offers absolutely effective and painless treatment of lice infections.

The Hair Removal line has introduced unique technologies for effective and long-term hair removal. Its Caress products are based on rapidly revolving, tweezer-action discs and special pain reduction techniques, while its Beauty Forever and 4-Men products are based on advanced Radio Frequency technology offering a quick and non-invasive alternative to electrolysis. Portable and water-proof ergonomic shavers, easy-to-use natural honey-based waxing kits and after-epilation soothing creams complete the line.

The Wellness products help you feel better on the inside by giving you relief on the outside. The Electro Acupuncture product uses the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, modernizing it with electromagnetic stimulation instead of the traditional needles. This line also includes a waterproof massager and ionization and aromatherapy products.

Oral Hygiene products include a unique design toothbrush that automatically creates the brushing action dentists recommend and a hygienic toothbrush storage kit.

Modern concepts - Future outlook

All Emjoi products represent innovative applications of new technologies, often coupled with time-honored natural methods and materials. Emjoi insists that all its newly applied advanced technologies are based on natural materials and processes, friendly to both people and the environment.

Emjoi employs and partners with research scientists and inventors, and operates advanced laboratories for testing new formulations and products. Every Emjoi product is exhaustively tried and tested, and when necessary FDA-approved before being released onto the market.

Equally innovative in its marketing activities as it is inventive in its product lines, Emjoi products are available through TV shopping channels, the Internet, mail order and at leading retail outlets in 64 countries worldwide.

As new technologies develop, Emjoi looks forward to finding new and creative ways of applying them for personal benefit and the betterment of life.