Emjoi® e84 - Precision 84 Disc Hair Removal Epilator (Black Floral)

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The Emjoi eRase e84 is a ground breaking hair remover with 84 tweezer action discs, the most on the market, to ensure rapid hair removal from the root for weeks of smooth skin. With Precision Hair Removal Technology removing hair from the root has never been easier or more comfortable. Dual opposed heads stretch the skin to make the process comfortable and the sensitive cover hides some of the tweezers and is great in sensitive areas.

Make sure to use on clean, dry skin. Do not use on skin with makeup or lotion. To minimize discomfort, hold the skin surrounding the area from which you are removing hair very taut. Gently glide, do not apply pressure, the Emjoi® eRase e84 in short, quick, brush like or sweeping strokes in the direction of hair growth. For your protection, your unit may slow down if it is pressed too hard against the skin. For sanitary reasons, the Emjoi® eRase e84 is only recommended to be used by one person.

When using the epilator for the first time Emjoi suggests that you test the unit on an area that has light hair growth in order to get accustomed to the epilation process.